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Today’s internet marketing, or online marketing, is rapidly evolving. No longer limited to the constraints of print, companies are finding new, innovative and most importantly, inexpensive ways to reach potential customers. Clients expect a business to have a website. From social media to Google Ads, it’s your job as a small to medium business owner to help them find it, but don’t worry we are here to help!


What is Paid Search?


This online marketing strategy uses services such as Google Ads to promote businesses through advertisements that appear on search engine results page. Companies can pay to have their specific text ads appear whenever customers search for a designated term on Google.


Our Approach 


What makes our approach to online advertising different? We are channel-agnostic, and combine data-driven advertising with content strategy. Whether we recommend you focus on Google Search, Social Media Advertising, YouTube or a mixture of various channels will depend on your goals, budget and target audience.


During a consultative workshop process, we’ll define your advertising approach and build out a campaign structure that will drive the strongest possible ROI.

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