Clever content in a pandemic.

Clever content in a pandemic.

While the government continues to deliberate over how many substantial meals you need to eat to protect yourself from contracting COVID-19 in the pub, there are one thing that we can generally agree on – holidays as we know them are pretty much off the table. This means that many households are suddenly left with a surplus budget, and, as we’re stuck increasingly more at home, where better to spend it?

If you’ve ever had to perform any minor DIY, chances are you’ve Googled ‘how do I install a washing machine’ or even watched a YouTube how-to. Now, thanks to Coronavirus, we’re levelling up into a creative zone where homeowners are painting, sanding and building their own bespoke home improvements. Instagram and Pinterest are jam-packed with DIY life hacks and offer an endless catalogue of inspiration on how to transform your home.

If your business is related to the home improvement sector, you need to be focusing on mobile content. Over 68% of consumers are influenced by home-related ads they’ve seen online, and, with more people than ever searching for renovation inspiration, your audience is receptive to suggestions.

As millennials hit the first time buyer market, opportunities are growing for online marketers to access these tech-savvy renovators. Location-based ads can find those audiences nearby, encouraging them to make their surroundings as stylish and as comfortable as possible at a time when we’re spending so much more of our life at home.

Content recommendations can take users’ search history and place your brand in their hands – if you’ve been partaking in home renovations this year then you’ll have likely been on the receiving end of a targeted ad; you may have even clicked it. This is such an effective way to expose your brand to new audiences who are incredibly relevant to your products or services.

If you do a Google search for any IKEA sofa name, you’ll be met with results from many of IKEA’s competitors. DFS, Dunelm, MADE, Argos, Loaf – every single one of these brands come up as a paid ad before you even see IKEA. Home improvement marketing done correctly can harness the power not just of your own business, but of the popularity of a competitor too.

If you want to get even more creative, video content can be a powerful tool for smaller DIY jobs. Instructional videos that use your product can be a great way to showcase how easy to use, beautiful or practical your brand is. Demo videos make online shoppers 1.81 times more likely to purchase a product than those who haven’t seen the video, allowing you to increase conversions.

By tracking your results and utilising analytics to your advantage, your audience data will help you to refine your strategy and target the most relevant audiences with the things they want right now. This will enable business growth, even at a time when the world is falling apart around you.

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